Gold, Bones, and Leather

A Brand New Fantasy Podcast

Drawn off his path home by a strange and mysterious music, Embrosk finds himself lost and desperate in the fallen Ogre kingdom of Cadmon. There, he meets a young Ogre named Aio--a quester who has spent his life searching for the information that would restore magic to his species. 

In the first episode of Gold, Bones, and Leather, Embrosk, a potion-maker and scholar of magic descends the holy mountain of Bocere in the company of Phelan, an Ogre, and one of Embrosk's close friends. During the descent, he witnesses several instances of strange, unexplained magic that both excite his imagination and increase his trepidation about his upcoming journey home. 

This episode introduces my new  fantasy podcast, Gold, Bones, and Leather. Every Tuesday, beginning January 9th,, Gold, Bones, and Leather will tell the story of Embrosk—a potion-maker and scholar of magic, studying in Ogre country on the orders of an incompetent king. As he wanders down Bocere mountain, back towards his home country of Sandum, Embrosk can only rue the mundanity of his seemingly inevitable future, stuck in a small potions shop on the border of the human and Ogre worlds. But fate has other plans for him.